Improved Communications Are Key to Greater Customer Satisfaction, Lower Operational Costs and Increased Company Profits.


Core 7 Technologies Inc. offers a variety of products and services designed to meet the different needs and perspectives of those people involved with the Scheduling, Tracking, Dispatching and Performance of facility and property repairs and maintenance. We promote improved communications through the use of the Internet and the sharing of information resources which will ensure compliance, reduce costs and increase business management efficiencies.

All Core 7 products are developed utilizing the newest technological advancements in XML and .Net design and programming. Our talented teams of software engineers are able to create powerful web-based applications for your PC as well as slick applications designed specifically for PDAs and Smart Phones.

The following products are either currently available or under construction:

Officetrax RPM™ is a Web-based service application designed specifically to meet the needs of Facility Managers in the Retail and Restaurant industries.More Information!

Officetrax NMO™ is our Web-based service application designed specifically to meet the needs of non self-performing National Maintenance Organizations.
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Officetrax FSM™ is our Web-based application designed specifically for companies who perform field service utilizing their own service technicians.
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*Officetrax CPM™ is our Web-based service application specifically designed to meet the needs of the Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Property Management industries.More Information!

*Officetrax SDC™ is our Web-based construction management application designed to meet the needs of the retail industry’s Store Design and Construction Departments.
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* Service is currently under development.